Universal Inclusion: Our Work with the Rivington Terraced Gardens

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One of my most enjoyable projects in 2019 was working alongside Dave Partington and the team at the Woodland Trust within the Rivington Terraced Gardens project.

I have such fond memories of the Gardens as a child, and it was an easy call to make in terms of lending my expertise to creating an inclusive opportunity for everyone involved in and visiting the Terraced Gardens.

If you are unfamiliar with the project, take a look at the website - it truly is a magical place: Rivington Terraced Gardens | Groundwork

You may well wonder where would one start in terms of making the vision of Lord and Lady Leverhulme on a hillside in Lancashire inclusive.

Luckily, although the core staff team is small, there is a phenomenal group of volunteers working together to bring this incredible place back life through the Heritage Lottery funding.

Our work here is in its early stages in terms of equality of access in all mediums in ways which are sensitive to the surroundings. Contrary to popular belief, people who are excluded don’t actually want to ruin the natural beauty just so that they can access it physically.

This blog will capture the journey. We want to create an inclusive experience which retains the very essence of the Terraced Gardens.

We have just completed the first round of staff training to establish the foundations for the Strategic Action Plan in relation to Diversity and Inclusion from an informed and committed perspective, which goes way beyond physical access, and there are some phenomenal plans in the pipeline. So watch this space!

We have also completed a site-mapping exercise with key members of the team. Our photo album gives you an idea of both the natural beauty and the task ahead.

The Rivington Terraced Gardens Project

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The most important factor I have observed throughout my work in this area, is the whole organisational support and commitment to innovation and change. Indeed, the Rivington Terraced Gardens project is overflowing with this and it’s a pleasure to work alongside them.

Follow our journey.

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