Since time began we have used various media to express and record our way of life and significant moments in history - from hieroglyphics to cave paintings, through to the modern phenomenon of podcasts. 

Podcasts are a great representation of the here and now, particularly in terms of capturing the impact of the Pandemic.

This page contains podcasts that are produced by both Universal Inclusion and collaborations.

If you require support to access any of our podcasts, please email universal.inclusion@icloud.com.



Inclusive Entrepreneurs Network Podcasts

RSA Podcasts 2020This series of 10 Podcasts captures the experiences of Disabled Entrepreneurs within the Inclusive Entrepreneurship Network in the UK as they navigated the impact of the Pandemic on their businesses, health and wellbeing.

They provide a platform through which the Inclusive Entrepreneurs showcase their incredible achievements, innovation and resilience in the face of business disruption. They also provide an insight to the network, as it moved to a digital platform to provide peer support, updates on government responses to the virus, showcased individual entrepreneurs and created an online marketplace.

The podcasts were made possible through The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Catalyst Grants which were specifically for awarded for projects committed to easing the social and structural pressures of Covid-19. The RSA Catalyst Grant is contributing to shifting the Inclusive Entrepreneur Network’s operations from face-to-face support to online support.

The Podcasts will be released here in the coming weeks, so please book mark this page and visit us again soon.

To access the full briefings from which the podcasts have been extracted, please visit The Inclusive Entreprenuer Friday Briefings.


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A Q&A with Grant Logan, Founder of Ability today

Inclusive Entrepreneurs Network Podcast

RSA Podcast Series - Inclusive Entrepreneurs Online

Season 1 Episode 2

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Universal Inclusion Podcasts

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