Meet our Inclusive Entrepreneur: Robert Winstanley, Beautiful Creator

Meet our Inclusive Entrepreneur: Robert Winstanley, Beautiful Creator

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Rob Winstanley"I want to help people see there is a different way of being. I want to remove their fears, concerns and other barriers stopping them from finding the true joy within their lives. Through Beautiful Creator, I can use my skills to help other people get through any of life’s tribulations."

Robert Winstanley FRSA

Owner, Beautiful Creator

CEO and Founder Jacqueline Winstanley recently caught up with Rob Winstanley of Beautiful Creator to find out what makes him an inspirational Inclusive Entrepreneur. Rob is also a member of the Inclusive Entrepreneur community and is being coached and mentored by Jacqueline.



So what led you to entrepreneurship and how did you start Beautiful Creator?

"I was born with brittle bones. From day one, I have been on my own journey...having shattered my femur and broken seven bones in my rib cage. I have spent many years strapped in a hospital bed - isolated from the world, and experiencing some of the lowest lows, and feeling like there is no way out. That is, until I met one incredible person who helped me see what life truly can be like ..that it was not the material things that I was obsessed with, but experiencing the true joy of love."

"These past 27 years have been a roller coaster which have allowed me to gather the skills and ability I need to help and support people on life's demanding and challenging journey. I wish to help people see there is a different way of being. I want to remove barriers such as fear and any concerns they may have, to help them find the true joy that is within their lives."

That was the beginning of Beautiful Creator. I started the life-coaching company to use my extensive skillset in supporting people, to radically change their lives and views on the world."

So tell me more about Beautiful Creator.

"Beautiful Creator is not just one programme. It is a series of programs that cover a spectrum of activities, ranging from one-to-one life coaching, right though to conferences/events and everything in between."

"For the one-to-one coaching, I work closely with my clients.  We meet wherever they feel safe and secure to speak, whether this is at their home, or a local leisure center, country park. The aim is for them to feel safe and be able to open up."

"While there is a lot of talk in the media how even though you have a disability, many activities are still possible, I want to take it further, showing how everything is still possible, creating travel guides for the disability community, locating accessible hotels, attractions and so on, removing concerns and barriers individuals may have about travel. I see myself reporting on upcoming projects such as inclusive cities, a project run by the ICCC. It is all about people being able to access experiences that support their mental health and wellbeing."

"I want people to see that with the right support, anything is possible. The name Beautiful Creator promotes this concept, reminding people of how beautiful life can be with a little help, how it can be created."

Rob, you are a member of the Inclusive Entrepreneur Community. How has that helped you in your journey as an entrepreneur?

"Jacqueline’s help on my journey towards becoming an entrepreneur has been tremendous. With her coaching and the Inclusive Entrepreneur programme, she was instrumental in helping me remove personal blockages and obstacles that I myself had placed in my way. After a year of struggling with the entrepreneur’s world, I was filled with a new level of self-belief that anything is possible with the right support. She has the knowledge and passion to support members of the disabled community, and can in turn help them to follow their own passions!"

If you would like to contact Rob, you can browse through his website, follow him on social media, email him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him on +44 (0) 7931 398400.






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