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Universal Inclusion is a UK-based global organisation leading the way in making the world a much more accessible place. Pioneers and leaders in this field, they have been working in Inclusive Entrepreneurship since 2009.

The organisation is led by Jacqueline Winstanley FRSA, Founder and CEO, who also heads up the Inclusive Entrepreneurs Programme and Network, which supports the Inclusive Entrepreneur community with mentoring, coaching and a unique marketplace.

Universal Inclusion are also the Secretariat for the APPG for Inclusive Entrepreneurship.

Inclusive Entrepreneurs face challenges beyond traditional aspects of entrepreneurship, in particular access to practical in-work support, finance and innovation strands.

A general lack of understanding of how people with protected characteristics navigate their working lives leads to many challenges, as the genuine intent to improve matters conflicts with the administration of these same programs.

The Inclusive Entrepreneur Network provides business support which incorporates the importance of managing health and wellbeing. It includes the option to undertake a 10-session programme that supports people considering entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurs facing challenges during their own particular journey.

The community showcases the incredible aspiration and achievements of people who have faced significant barriers.

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