YOU ARE INVITED:  An Inclusive World Event on Thursday 14th November 2019

YOU ARE INVITED: An Inclusive World Event on Thursday 14th November 2019

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An Inclusive World Event on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Please join us for an afternoon of discussion on Inclusive Entrepreneurship at MediaCityUK in Manchester on Thursday 14th November 2019.

Inclusive means entrepreneurship is open and easily accessible to all. It levels the playing field and allows entrepreneurs to seek, create and participate in opportunities, especially those facing barriers to the workplace.

As an organisation, we have a commitment towards innovation within inclusive communities, and together we are creating the 2030 Agenda Paradigm Shift tasked of us in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - where communities start to see people who face barriers, not as burdens, but as contributing citizens who bring a new and exciting presence to the table. The resultant contribution to the growth of the economy from such enterprise is what we term Inclusive Economic Growth.

Over the last few years we have been working hard at bringing this task to fruition - through the Inclusive Entrepreneur Programme we run as an organisation, and the various Calls to Action, debates and events we have held.

This event is one in a series of events, and will be followed by an Expo and Concert early next year.

On November 14th, our focus is on hearing from Inclusive Entrepreneurs, launching our digital platform which showcases their business, and then debating in groups to build evidence. This evidence will feed into a White Paper and other policy changing documents that support our Call to Action in respect of business support requirements going forward.

Our speakers include:

Jacqueline Winstanley, Founder and CEO, Universal Inclusion

Helen Martin Gee - Founder and President, Pink Shoe Club

Olivia Gallagher, T33 Wheelchair Racer Weir Archer & Ability Today Ambassador

Grant Logan, Founder Ability Today

Steve Hopwood, Owner, Swift and Sure Secure Car Transport

Ayesha Gavin, Founder Ayesha Communications

James Holt, Musician

Aaron Hornback

We do hope you can join us.

We ask you to confirm whether you can attend and register for your ticket by Friday 2nd November 2019.

If you require support for any of our activities, please do let us know when booking your ticket.

The event will also be filmed. By registering and attending you give us permission to include you in our film and photos and use them on our website, collateral and other media.


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