The Inclusive Entrepreneur - Why Should You Join?

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We recently caught up with Jacqueline Winstanley, founder of the Inclusive Entrepreneur, who also heads up the Inclusive Entrepreneurs Network. She explained the concept behind the Inclusive Entrepreneur and talked about the progress achieved within this incredible Community.


What is the Inclusive Entrepreneur?

I am often asked this question. It is a network providing:

  • business support which incorporates the importance of managing health and wellbeing
  • the option to undertake a 10-session programme to help you along the way
  • A showcase of the incredible aspiration and achievements of people who have faced significant barriers
  • A business-to-business marketplace

Why did you create this digital network?

It builds on the real world network I started in 2013, which has seen some phenomenal results and has already embraced our newly launched digital element.

I have always had a strong sense of injustice which is matched by a practical ability to create innovative solutions. Quite simply the inequality that exists currently is unacceptable to me.

I see the potential in everyone I meet and am able to connect in a way which switches on self-belief and faith in their aspirations.

I work with people and develop strategies that they can use to hit the barriers they face head on.

I challenge global policy where it conflicts with its intent in practice, posing innovative and sustainable solutions with an authoritative voice.

I am driven. It's my passion and there is something that draws me to the work I do. I get an incredible amount of satisfaction watching people grow and the innovation that comes from their endeavours.


Why do you think it has been so successful?

Well you will have to ask some of the entrepreneurs that question as well but for me the answer is threefold:

Firstly it builds on my work to date and the absolute faith I have in my ability to make it work.

Secondly I have absolute faith in the entrepreneurs I work with and that includes the times when they fail along the way.

Thirdly I am bringing personal experience, evidence-based practice and an essence of humanity to the table. This underpins everything I do; providing support elements which are all directed at creating an environment where people are supported to fly “metaphorically “.

Add to that one of my most important beliefs - and that is the need to take a leap of faith. I have taken many in my career, usually when everyone around me says its not possible and the results have been game-changing.


Why should people join the Inclusive Entrepreneur?

To work collaboratively within a platform that celebrates excellence, difference and business growth.

To showcase the incredible things they are doing.

For the business, health, wellbeing and support.

We are an authoritative voice on the Global Stage and that is very powerful.

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