Reclaiming The Game

Reclaiming The Game

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Reclaiming The Game

First recorded as swirling embroidered silk surrounding the Han Dynasty Female Warriors who entranced all around them

as their grace, skill and strength in cuju transfixed a thousand gazing eyes.

On Scottish Highlands amidst the swirling mist, music flowing through the ancient pipes as a rite of passage engages equals in an age-old tradition,

as female warriors lay claim to those whose eyes were caught, as the game so nimbly and skilfully unfolded before them

Cloaked in Patriarchy, forming a sea of petticoats intended to quell the raging storm of opposing teams within the game of men,

out of which emerged female warriors who embraced the ethos of the game beyond expectation,

uniting both in numbers and defiance of the misogyny that raged against them, as so cruelly what was freely given was taken away.

Steeped in feminism and quest for equity rose a swathe of excellence and governance under Honeyball, Dixie alongside the roar of a generation of boot clad warriors filled with integrity and purpose

This social camaraderie, philanthropy and reported skill lay dessimated, as the recipients of their philanthropy colluded with the male establishment to once again place the coveted out of reach

As the sound of marching feet, guns firing and the battle for the free ensued within the tragedy and sacrifice of war,

the changing face of women who now toiled the fields, the munitions factories, administration and code breaking,

sought once again to continue their endeavours through the game

Integrity and purpose echoed throughout factories across the land, supported now by governments and press alike, fuelled by conscription, gate fees and charitable endeavours which soared as the Dick, Kerr Ladies excelled

Unable to speak up to the incredulous act that followed, which ripped the very heart out of the Women’s Game via unsubstantiated and questionable intent

The voices of booted warrior women raged against the inequalities of the time, bringing down the wrath of the FA once again, caging the very essence of the Women’s Game as if pricked upon a spinning wheel

Behind the thorns of confinement the collective voices raged, thwarted at every attempt to overcome the injustice as their wings which once soared freely on fields across the land were bound by Patriarchy and lies for 50 years

Walking out today in the footsteps of the Warrior Women who have fought the bravest of battles to pave the way, we pay homage to their memory and continue to fight for equity within the game, with every goal scored by our modern day role models who bring incredible talent, integrity and purpose to the pitch.


J Winstanley June 2019

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