Meet Our Speakers: Professor Dianne Davis

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2017 10 24 PHOTO 00000028Professor  Dianne  Davis, Founding President,   International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC).

An international  public  speaker   and  consultant,   Professor   Davis specializes  in  integrated  products  and  services  for  the  hospitality,  healthcare  and educational  industries.  Currently  her  work  focuses  on  the  impact  of  the “longevity factor”  on  society:  mainstreaming  ageing  issues  especially  within  the  areas  of  the  built environment, health  and  information and communications  technologies  (ICT). 

She  has developed  unique  “Cross-Sectoral”  Dialogues  for  local  authorities  and  international decision-makers held at the United Nations, Windsor Castle, UK and other international venues.

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