Jacqueline Winstanley FRSA Keynote Speaker at WOSAM2020

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WOSAM 2020 Certificate of Presentation Jacqueline Winstanley FRSAJacqueline Winstanley FRSA, CEO and Founder of Universal Inclusion and The Inclusive Entrepreneur, was a keynote speaker at the WOSAM20 conference held between 18th and 9th October 2020, showcasing the resilience and innovation in the UK shown by inclusive entrepreneurs, particularly disabled entrepreneurs, as they faced the challenges posed by COVID19. During her presentation, Jacqueline referenced the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Inclusive Entrepreneruship, of which Universal Inclusion is the Secretariat, and included The Inclusive Entrepreneurs Network. 

The World Summit on Startup, Entrepreneurship and MSME Development creates a world class platform with which to present and discuss all the latest research and results of researchers and academicians related to Startups, Entrepreneurship, business and new ideas under one roof. During the two days, they shared their experiences, pros, and cons with the Global Community.This year, the focus was on how Startups, entrepreneurs and MSMEs (Micro, Smalle and Medium Enterprise) can overcome the obstacles in this COVID 19 pandemic.

The World Summit WOSAM-2020 was organized by World Startup and Incubation Council (WSIC) and World Entrepreneurs Association (WEA) and powered by Eudoxia Research Centre.

Links: http://eudoxiaeducation.com/world-summit-wosam-2020/

Paper: https://www.universalinclusion.co.uk/images/Inclusive_entrepreneurship_-_A_critical_look_at_inclusion_of_persons_August_2020.pdf




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