The Inclusive Entrepreneur

A Supportive Network

Access a Supportive Community and benefit from Business, Health and Well Being Support

When you join the Inclusive Entrepreneur Network, you not only join an amazing community of entrepreneurs, but you have access to a programme of support and benefits that will enable your organisation to grow. They will also help you on your personal development, to better cope with life's challenges, no matter how unsurmountable they may appear.

The Inclusive Entrepreneur programme is developed on four pillar:

  • Business support which incorporates the importance of managing health and wellbeing
  • The option to undertake a 10-session programme to help you along the way
  • A showcase of the incredible aspiration and achievements of people who have faced significant barriers
  • A business-to-business marketplace

Furthermore, membership gives you access to a package of benefits.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to coaching and nentoring by one of the leading experts in this field
  • Full listing of business profile with online links to your business
  • A member forum for sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • Regular webinars and podcasts with business insights and conversations with business professionals and personalities
  • Opportunities to post guest blogs
  • Reduced rates for events and training
  • Peer support
  • A shared marketplace
Become an Inclusive Entrepreneur

Inclusive Entrepreneurship makes entrepreneurship open and easily accessible to all.

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How Does It Work

A Supportive Community and Virutal Marketplace to Grow and Thrive

The network, support programmes and virtual marketplace were created by Jacqueline Winstanley who has been working in this field for over two decades. She is a global authority, public speaker and herself an Inclusive Entrepreneur.

The community and marketplace work because it allows entrepreneurs

  • To work collaboratively within a platform that celebrates excellence, difference and business growth.
  • To showcase the incredible things they are doing.
  • To access the business, health, wellbeing and support.

As Jacqueline says, "We are an authoritative voice on the Global Stage and that is very powerful".

Working With Your Organisation

You can access this incredible community by joining as an Inclusive Entrepreneur.

Membership subscriptions are annual, and once a member, you can then access the various benefits, support, events and knowledge-sharing activities that we organise on a regular basis.

Speak to us to join our community and access our packages for business, health and well being support that will help you grow personally and thrive professionally.

The following short video outlines one of our programmes and looks at the various issues and encourages everyone to consider entrepreneurship as a positive way forward.

Unique Insights

Jacqueline Winstanley has developed the Inclusive Entrepreneur Community and the virtual market place building on the real-life network she started in 2013. Over the years, this has grown and has seen phenomenal results.

Jacquline has always had a strong sense of injustice which is matched by a practical ability to create innovative solutions. She sees the potential in everyone she meets and is able to connect in a way which switches on self-belief and faith in their aspirations. She works with people and develops strategies that they can use to hit the barriers they face head on.

In the Inclusive Entrepreneur network she is bringing personal experience, evidence-based practice and an essence of humanity to the table which creates an environment where people are supported to fly “metaphorically “.

E SDG logo without UN emblem square RGB 1024x606The community is wholly aligned with meeting the 2030 Agenda and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our Impact

Sure and Swift is a member of our community.  The owner joined our programme a few years ago and has benefitted from our programmes of support.

"As a member of the Inclusive Entrepreneur Community, I value both the support and the great network. Jacqueline was amazing and her assistance with the Access to Work Scheme was tremendous. She has also encouraged me to continue growing my business and to explore opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise considered. Her insights in Inclusive Entrepreneurship, her understanding of the challenges I face as a disabled entrepreneur and her overall approach are inspiring. She understands where I am coming from and what drives me to keep on going. Through the Inclusive Entrepreneurs Community, I met with similar entrepreneurs who share my passion for cars and my determination. I am excited to see where I can take my passion, my business and my ambition with Jacqueline and the Inclusive Entrepreneur Programme!"

Our Services

Framework for Inclusion in the Work Place

C-Level 2 day Introduction to Workforce Retention Programme

Middle Management Workforce Retention Programme

Training and Coaching for Management

Supportive Pathway


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