Jacqueline Winstanley Presents Webinar for Inclusive Companies

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EanqgaFXgAAQkZMJacqueline Winstanley FRSA, CEO and Founder of Universal Inclusion and The Inclusive Entrepreneur, is presenting a webinar about Inclusive Entrepreneurship on Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 11.30am BST for the cross-industry network Inclusive Companies, as part of their #InclusionSolutions webinars. 

Jacqueline, a globally-recognised expert and consultant on accessibility and inclusion challenges, and a nominee for the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award in this year's National Diversity Awards 2020, will be presenting an interactive session on Inclusive Entrepreneurs – Resilience and Beyond Covid 19. This webinar will include an introduction to the concept of Inclusive Entrepreneurship & the Inclusive Entrepreneur Network.  Jacqueline will also talk about how Inclusive Entrepreneurs are responding to the pandemic and give examples of resilience in response to Covid-19.

As Jacqueline said, "This webinar is an opportunity for policy makers, companies and organisations to understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs with protected characteristics as well as their impact on the economy. COVID-19 has brought new challenges, especially to inclusive entrepreneurs - the main one being how to build resilience and thrive beyond the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. As a disabled entrepreneur myself, and as the founder of Universal Inclusion, and The Inclusive Entrepreneur Network which I started in 2013, I have first-hand experience. I have also worked with boards, executives and inclusive entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries, and the results and their successes are phenomenal. My pathways and programmes provide practical frameworks to find innovative and sustainable solutions for individuals, companies and spaces where there are barriers which prevent access to life's opportunities."

Feedback and recommendations from this session will be shared with policy makers to ensure future business survival. 

The seminar may be viewed here: https://youtu.be/_IIkrBlRJoc

Jacqueline Winstanley is available for an informal chat on any inclusive challenges you may be facing.

For further information on the Inclusive Entrepreneur Network please visit: https://www.universalinclusion.co.uk/the-inclusive-entrepreneur

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