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Benefit from bespoke executive one-on-one expert coaching

As a business leader, at times it can be very stressful. You may find yourself caught in   challenging situations, as you struggle to adopt the right strategies you need to ensure you are leading from the front with an inclusive approach.

Working places that are designed to be inclusive and to meet the needs of the diversity of employees, regardless of abilities, will naturally bring out the best in the people who spend time in them.

Our series of one-on-one bespoke coaching sessions are tailored to your organisation and culture. 

We work with you to help you increase your strategic impact and influence, and ensure you are following an inclusive leadership path.

We show you how to foster an inclusive approach throughout the organisation - one that helps you to grow your business and realise your full potential.


How we work

Coaching Sessions

After our initial chat, we suggest you start with a half day workshop. This dedicated time will allows us to work together and understand the challenges you face and the specific areas that require more indepth sessions.

We can then follow this with a series of sessions - as many as you feel are necessary  - although we recommend we meet once a month over a course of ten or twelve sessions.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, we can also provide team or group coaching sessions that can run alongside other development programmes and initiatives.

Unique Insights

Jacqueline Winstanley is uniquely positioned to coach you on this journey. She has unique insights, that come from experience and expertise.

She has been through this process with many organisations, and can suggest concepts that have been put into practice with good results across sectors and business functions.

She has evidence-backed policies, frameworks and programmes that she can help you introduce to your organisation and implement with your mangement team.

Her work has been recommended as good practice from national institutions such as OFSTED among others.

Working With Your Organisation

When you work with us, you will find a safe space to confidentially discuss your diversity and inclusion challenges. We help you to develop your competencies and create the frameworks you need to fulfill your potential and meet your business goals. 

Jacqueline has worked with both the public and private sector, with organisations and businesses from across sectors and industries.

Our Impact

When we worked with the Chair of Disability Rights UK, he afterwards said this about his coaching experience: 

"Jacqueline delivered an excellent session, engaging and enlightening. I thought it was going to be boring…it wasn’t. The bespoke session covered a lot of information tailored to fit my situation. The structure was clear, logical and effective. I came away more aware and mindful."

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Our work is fully aligned with meeting the 2030 Agenda and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our Services

Framework for Inclusion in the Work Place

C-Level 2 day Introduction to Workforce Retention Programme

Middle Management Workforce Retention Programme

Training and Coaching for Management

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