First Snow of Winter

First Snow of Winter

First Snow of Winter

It comes in the depth of winter

Gently at first as the icy wind of Boreas commands a hoar frost announcing the magic soon to follow

Warm breaths of eager children who lay in waiting to catch the resultant falling snow upon their tongues form dancing patterns in the air

Tree branches reach out embracing the falling snowflakes caressing each and every one until they can hold no more and they release their hold on the precious ethereal gems

Spiralling as they fall resembling sparklers glistening in the light as they join the ever increasing blanket now covering the earth

An eerie silence broken only by the occasional breaking of the precious crystals by man or beast descends all around

Greying skies continue to besprinkle the earth with a crystal veil declaring to the seasons that follow a supremacy in both design and awe of the beholder