On International World Happiness Day

On International World Happiness Day

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One moment in time that fills your heart with a glow, that casts a spell on all those around you.

It is infectious and irresistible, even to those entombed in the densest trepidation.

A warmth that starts deep within your soul, sending out a call to the stardust within every atom of your being, 

to rise, dancing in unison with the beat of the object which invoked the most magical of emotions

resultant in the complexity the human psyche

as the senses engage in the object that brought about such mirth

leading to the visible and unmissable conclusion of the widest smile and ethereal glow.

The memory of the smell of the sweetest flower or ocean view, matched only by the achievements of those closest to us

or true love's kiss, extends the moment to encapsulate and imprint it within the very essence of our being.

A constant reminder always within reach, within the deepest parts of our memory,

when called upon to enchant and lure us,

time and time again, with its familiar warmth, glow, smile

representing our true happiness that rests within and ought never to be stolen but nurtured as a precious gem for all eternity.


J. Winstanley March 2019

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