The Christmas Tree

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The Christmas Tree

Lain dormant for 12 months or more, yearning to feel the air and breathe the yuletide air

Like the internal clock of the hibernating bear, the resultant anticipation presses against the now dust-laden vessel in the deepest corner in the rafters of homes around the world

Pulling the tape which restrains the onset of all that embodies hope, peace and the season of goodwill

With an ear shattering roar as the glue that first silenced, then placed, in a deep and restful sleep,

not to be woken by love's true kiss, but by the heart of a true believer in the spirit of Christmas

is torn from its binding embrace


As the first ray of light comes to rest on the rigid branches packed so tightly a reawakening plumps up the boughs which reach out eagerly in search of the festive baubles which will soon adorn them

The musty smell of the newly released branches fills the room as one by one each separate coupling clicks into place in a timeless rhythm of the choral rendition of familiar carols which complement the family traditions unfolding

Boughs reach out eagerly to the glistening garland of lights which oscillate casting shadows which dance in anticipation of the trinkets to follow

The familiar chink of baubles as they slide gleefully from their stacked boxes in a uniformed balletic dance around the tree each positioning themselves in an order which represents the story within each and every one of them

known only to the hands that picked them in anticipation of the magic that would be created within the memories they would hold for eternity

The secrets and journeys laid bare for all to see as the final box gives way to the descendant of Ernestine surrounded by an ethereal glow as she takes pride of place at the top of the tree signalling the finale which symbolises a tradition known only to the beholder
each captivated in its presence

JW 2018

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