As the New Year Beckons

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As the New Year Beckons

Its grasp, enchanting, all consuming, in both reminiscence and mirth

Constrained by memories of resolutions accomplished, revisited alongside those lost to the weakness of intent and purpose


Amidst festive homes around the world lays bare an overwhelming connection to those lost to us and those yet to arrive

passing cinematically before our very eyes,

certain that if we reached out, our skin would tingle with the ethereal touch,

once lost but for one magical moment in time returned to us


Brings forth visions of accomplishments beyond our wildest dreams,

of prosperity in all things dear to us, a renewed sense of integrity and purpose

and a desire above all else for true love's kiss


It is welcomed into the time of those who witness it by celebrations to surpass all others

with sparkling pirouettes of ancient rituals in all corners of the world, culminating in displays which light up the sky.


and the dance is momentarily paused as the seconds are recounted in descending order

welcoming the birth of the new year with exuberant embraces and stolen kisses

alongside the popping of corks which work in unison with the chink of glassware

cascading the golden bubbles of hope for the future as all sing Happy New Year


JW 2018

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