The Birthday Gift

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The Birthday Gift

The breaking light of dawn gently touches your brow as it satiates every vacant space welcoming this, the most special of days

A celebration of a union pre-ordained in the cosmos of centuries gone by, striving for perfection within all things

In that moment you reminisce of years gone by, a mother's embrace, love's first kiss and of all that is still to come

Your eyes fall upon the glistening bow wrapped around an enticing box which beckons to your inner child come swiftly to its beckoning call

The smell of all that tempts the buds on your tongue swirls around the balustrade carried on the notes of your favourite melody dancing hand in hand

As you brush away the sandman’s sprinkling from your eyes, you gently tease the bow as the curled silk cascades around you

Time has tempered your fervent nature, yet still you hold a breathless stare as you lift the lid to reveal what is lain within

As your gaze is met with a sudden perception of emptiness till your eyes rest on scattered words which speak with a depth of humanity known only to you

They speak to you of gifts so precious they cannot be bought , sold or given other than freely without expectation of reciprocal

They are time, hope, and wonder as the emptiness now replaced with a true sense of the birthday gift bestowed upon you causes your soul to glow with love's warm embrace

JW 2018

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